Thursday, February 7, 2008

Firebrand on TV

My newest addiction is watching Firebrand TV on ION Networks (11PM / Channel 31 on Time Warner Cable Manhattan).

What is Firebrand about?

Well, if you love good commercials, then this is the show for's to commercials like the way early MTV was to music videos....but Firebrand shows only the best commercials from the US and international in a cool web 2.0 kind of way on the Firebrand website you can search and program playlists of only the brands, directors, and advertising agencies you want! So cool!!

(From Firebrand's Facebook group)

Firebrand. Your favorite spot on TV, web and mobile.
If you love a good commercial, you're going to love Firebrand.

Firebrand is all the best commercials, all the best movie trailers, all in one place.

Watch an hour of Firebrand’s Hot Spots every weeknight on ION Television. Or enjoy 24/7 access to all your favorites online. Watch them. Sort them. Download and share them.

Firebrand's in your total control, and totally free.
Tune in 11pm ET/PT weeknights. Or go to today.

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