Saturday, August 9, 2008

Master Cleansed

After 80 glasses of "lemonade/limeade", 10 salt water flushes, gallons of water, green tea and herbal/senna teas, we are done with our first 10-day Master Cleanse! During this process, toxins within the body were eliminated-- a cleansing occurred, in the body, mind, apartment, clothes and closet!

Day 11 was spent sipping fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice and water.

Day 12 I made a hearty veggie soup comprised of carrots, celery, leeks, onions, basmati rice and mung beans. Added some okra and forgetting its thickening qualities, my veggie soup turned into gumbo (an added plus)!

Today, Day 13 I started eating solid foods in small portions: raw fruit, veggie gumbo, wild rice and a delightful succotash made with okra, collard greens, haricots verts and stewed tomatoes.

Happy to report no upset stomach, metabolism is moving along well. It's interesting how a new awareness of digestion has surfaced since being on this cleanse, I can hear and feel the food going through the digestion process.

Overall, this experiment was challenging, insightful and I truly believe beneficial for my overall health. My cravings for pizza (Artichoke), beer (sweet action), fried foods (fried chicken and calamari) have subsided -- I'm leaning towards fruits and vegetables for sustenance rather than chips and simple carb food.

On a sidenote, my body has shed 13 lbs as a result of completing this cleanse. With a new focus in eating habits, I am sure I could lean out even more. My clothes fit better (pants are much looser) and I feel better.

Most important, I have a heightened sense of being...this whole process reinforces how important it is to "be" present in the moment and how your choice of emotions affect your present experience.

Looking forward to the next Master Cleanse in January 2009!

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