Tuesday, April 8, 2008

FINALLY - AUTHENTIC So-Cal/Baja Fish Tacos in NYC!


Experienced our second "SPIRITUAL" foodie experience in a month (thanks to Yelper Michael F. for the penultimate adjective!).

Last week, we experienced the BEST pizza slice of 2008 at recently opened Artichoke Pizza & Beer. And today, we had what can only be described as the BEST fish taco we had outside of San Diego/Tijuana/Baja Peninsula!! Ah, memories of San Diego and Tijuana!!

Why was it the BEST?

- fresh mahi-mahi (not frozen).
- soft maize tortilla didn't break apart after the first (or second..or third) bite.
- shredded cabbage gave the taco enough crunch while allowing
- fresh cilantro leaves
- a dollop of fresh guacamole
- slices of lime and radish halves (to cool the heat of the EXCELLENT tomatilo salsa)

Where is this place? You'll have to wait until we get around to Yelping it...or ask real nicely.....stay tuned!
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Possible Lisa said...

Pinche Taqueria!