Thursday, October 4, 2007

Old clothes

Old clothes
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We escaped the neighborhood and went to an early dinner at Max on Avenue B. The outdoor garden (with clothes hanging to dry) was open so we dined alfresco on rustic italian dishes, a delicious salmon with garlic spinach, chived mashed potatoes and a semi-wonderful black ink spaghetti in a semi-spicy tomato sauce with nuances of sweetness (shrimp was overcooked and tough, bummer).

Interesting interaction with the couple seated next to us: couple chatting, then man-boy's cell phone rings, he picks it up and proceeds to talk for 15 minutes at the table. Date leaves to use restroom, man-boy still talking. Food arrives and he wraps up the conversation. Date brings up her displeasure and discusses cellphone etiquette. Man-boy gets defensive and walks away. .V tells the date, "You're better off without him...."

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